Ryosuke Ishii

Director of ZENTech, Inc.
Director of the Cognitive Science Institute of Japan, General Incorporated Association
Research Fellow, School of System Design and Management, Keio University


Ryosuke Ishii earned his Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Tokyo and his MBA from National University of Singapore. He works as a researcher, data scientist, and project manager.
His research covers organizational, team, and individual performance, and bridges the gap between academic knowledge and the business world.

Mr. Ishii has developed a psychological safety measurement scale and organizational diagnostic survey, as well as promoted the building of teams that produce results in the business and sports domains. He served as an Olympic medical and scientific staff member for the Japanese Olympic Committee from 2017. His 2020 book, "How to Create Psychological Safety" (JMA Management Center), went into its 23rd printing with 125,000 copies sold. It received the "Management Award" in the Readers' Choice Business Book Grand Prix and the "Excellence Award" in the HR Award 2021 book category.

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