Think Big

The theme for the 21st International Conference for Women in Business is “Think Big”.
This means to think without boundaries, at the highest level possible, and with a broad perspective.
Last year at the 20th anniversary of this Conference, our theme was Make History,
and this year, we move forward with Think Big to create an open future.

Kaori Sasaki, Founder and Chair

How to Register

The Conference is open to positive and highly motivated people,
regardless of occupation, age, gender or nationality.
Men are, of course, also welcome to participate, as are high school and university students,
those on maternity or childcare leave, and those on leave from work.
More than half of the participants each year are first-timers or attending alone and
our total satisfaction rate has exceeded 99% for each of the previous 20 Conferences.
We would love to have you join us on July 18!

About Matching Sponsor

Support Students and Kumamoto Earthquake victims:
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The Matching Sponsor Program is a sponsorship program in which individual attendees provide financial support to highly motivated students and victims of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake who want to attend the Conference.This program,……
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To receive sponsorship
This Program was originally established in 2011 to provide persons from areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake with the opportunity to attend the Conference. As of 2016, sponsorship has been expanded to high school or university students of either gender from anywhere in the world and victims of the Kumamoto……
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Organizer and Partners

Organizer : International Conference for Women in Business
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