The 27th International Conference for Women in Business(ONLINE)

July 10, 2022 (Sun.) Doors open at 9:30, start at 10:00,
end at 20:15 (Japan time) 

Theme: Drive Diversity

This is an unparalleled and enjoyable conference that considers "diversity management" from various fields and the way of life and work of each individual that supports it. In addition to thought-provoking case studies and cutting-edge information, time is set aside for networking to allow participants from around the world to connect and have meaningful conversations. Roundtable discussions also provide time for Q&A with the speakers. Held for 10 hours with no breaks, you will experience the enthusiasm and drive of like-minded people. This is a day to experience diversity. Please join us in front of your computer and actively participate without missing a single minute. Simultaneous Japanese-English interpretation will be provided.
Anyone can register from anywhere in the world. We look forward to seeing you there!

  • - Hashtag #ICWB
  • - Please choose either Japanese or English from the "Select Language" menu at the bottom of the Zoom screen.
  • - The program and speakers are subject to change due to circumstances, but please consider that the registration fee is non-refundable in such cases.

Opening Session

Lunch Networking


Networking where participants from around the world meet and connect with each other over a meal. Please join us with your Zoom camera ON!

Afternoon Session

Creating "Future Tokyo" with Diversity

Why Diversity Leads to High Investment Returns


Thematic Roundtables

70-minute thematic roundtables. Please choose the theme of your choice.
The sessions will consist of a 25-minute panel and a 45-minute Q&A. No interpreters will be provided.

Roundtable 1

Respect. How to Increase Psychological Safety in an Organization (in Japanese)

Diversity management includes ensuring the psychological safety of an organization. How do companies enhance psychological safety? We will consider this issue by introducing case studies, including cutting-edge learning methods, and the reality of training on movie shoots.

Roundtable 2

Age Diversity: Building an Organization of the Future with Youth (in Japanese)

Diversity is not only about gender. If sports team members were ordered by age, would they win? In a Japanese society with a seniority-based system, we will consider how to create an organization and corporate culture that allows young people, seniors, and others to demonstrate their abilities regardless of age, and the society that will emerge from this.

Roundtable 3

Making the Best of the Careers in Science (in Japanese)

Listening to the career stories of women in science who are active in various fields, the panelists will discuss how to develop women in science and create opportunities for them to play an active role in their organizations. How can they develop their own careers? This session will consider both organizational development and human resource development.

Roundtable 4

SDGs and Business (in English)

The SDGs, with a focus on the environment, not only contribute to society but are also closely related to corporate management. We will discuss the relationship with management and investment while learning about the global SDGs movement and examples of SDGs initiatives at various companies.

Roundtable 5

Women on Boards, global update (in English)

The number of women on boards is finally starting to increase in Japan. How about companies around the world? Learn the latest information on female directors and outside directors, and consider the meaning and contribution of women on boards.

Evening Session

Evening Networking


Participants from around the world meet to network and connect with each other over a meal. Please join us with your Zoom camera ON!

Closing Session

Closing messages

The many speakers from all over the world will gather again! We will reflect on today and deliver important messages for tomorrow.

The 27th International Conference for Women in Business

July 10, 2022 (Sunday)