The International Conference for Women in Business, the largest Business Conference of its kind in Japan, is open to anyone who is positive and highly motivated.

This International Conference for Women in Business (ICWB), Japan’s largest diversity conference, has been held every summer since 1996. Highly motivated people who want to acquire diverse perspectives and move forward gather from all over Japan and overseas and devote a full day to sharing, getting inspired, and learning.
 From an international perspective, we share the knowledge, skills attitudes and ways of thinking necessary for people who want to contribute to their work with pride as professionals, and actively interact with aspiring colleagues. It’s a day of diversity; that is, a day of creating and experiencing an environment with diverse perspectives and integrating some of those perspectives within ourselves. Experiencing both sides of this diversity is very valuable.

1,000 highly motivated women and men join the Conference every year! The participant satisfaction rate is 98% on average.

 The bilingual (Japanese/English) 10-hour Conference is unparalleled, with attendee satisfaction averaging over 98% from the first Conference in 1996 through the 26th Conference held last year.
 The ICWB owes its success to producer Kaori Sasaki, who selects the themes, plans the program, and chooses the speakers and panelists from her expansive global network that she knows will provide the knowledge and passion that draws the participants back year after year. The slate of inspiring speakers/panelists along with the participants who are savvy, motivated, and focused make the Conference one of a kind.
 The atmosphere of the venue is relaxed and positive because the participants from all over the world have made their own decision to attend. About half participate on their own, but at the end of the day, many experience the satisfaction of meeting a new friend.
 The first 24 Conferences were held at a major hotel. Participants lined up hours before the door opened at 9 am, with all 1,000 participants seated early in anticipation of the opening remarks. From morning to night, through speeches, talk shows, and discussions to the evening networking party, we have learned, discussed, and connected with each other. The speakers and participants form various industries open our minds to new thinking and new possibilities.
 The 25th Conference was held completely online for the first time. But surprisingly, the experience didn’t change. The flow of the Conference, the enthusiasm, the learning and the chances of encounters transcended the screen, and the participants and speakers were surprised, saying, “I didn’t think that my passion was transmitted online” and “I was so impressed.”
 Without a doubt, there is no other business conference like the International Conference for Women in Business. If you are looking to discover new role models, find like-minded friends, share your experiences, and acquire skills and knowledge to enrich your life and career, then this is the right conference for you. We sincerely look forward to you joining us.