Keiko Hamada

Former Chief Editor of "Business Insider Japan" / Former Editor-in-Chief of "AERA"


Keiko Hamada joined the Asahi Shimbun in 1989. She worked in the Maebashi and Sendai bureaus and the editorial department of Asahi Weekly before joining the AERA editorial department in 1999. After serving as deputy editor, she became editor-in-chief of AERA in 2014. She left the Asahi Shimbun at the end of March 2017 to launch the Japanese edition of Business Insider, an American online economic media company that operates in 12 countries around the world, as managing editor. She left that post at the end of 2020 and became a freelance journalist.

Ms. Hamada is a commentator on "The Shinichi Hatori Morning Show" and "Sunday Morning" and has given numerous lectures on diversity and work styles. She is the author of "Working Girls and Guilt".

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