Kanae Doi

Japan Representative, Human Rights Watch (HRW, an international human rights NGO),
Attorney at Law, State of New York


Kanae Doi graduated from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law in 1998. During her senior year, she spent one year as a volunteer in Eritrea, Africa, working on legal drafting. From 2000-2016, Ms. Doi practiced law in Japan. In addition to her regular legal practice, she provided legal assistance to refugees in Japan and was involved in the revision of the Refugee Recognition Act. While practicing law, Ms. Doi studied at New York University School of Law, majoring in International Studies (LL.M., 2006). After graduating from NYU, Ms. Doi served as a fellow at HRW's New York office from 2006-07, and then returned to Japan to work on the launch of HRW's Tokyo office, which she officially established in 2009. Ms. Doi's work for HRW includes encouraging the Japanese government to introduce "human rights diplomacy," working to resolve human rights issues around the world through diplomacy and working to resolve human rights issues within Japan.

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