Sunday,2024. 10:00-19:00

Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba(simultaneous interpretation provided)


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Diversity Leads

The theme of the 29th International Conference for Women in Business is "Diversity Leads".
"Diversity leads" can have many meanings. It can mean “diversity creates the future'' or “diversity will lead us to a better future.” It can also mean that diversity is the best strategy. Starting a sentence with “Diversity leads to” allows us to customize how diversity will improve our own lives.
Diversity means "gathering diverse perspectives to achieve better results." In a diverse organization, innovation occurs, crises can be detected before they occur, and companies move forward and grow.
It is up to each individual to make this happen. An important element of a diverse organization is the individual’s mindset to increase his or her own awareness and skills, to be unafraid to propose ideas, to respect others, to accept diverse viewpoints, and to work with others to achieve greater results.
The 29th ICWB, which has been held online since 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, will held at a hotel venue for the first time in five years. The energy and passion at the venue is palpable. As we approach the big milestones of the 29th Conference and the 30th Conference in 2025, let’s all learn and grow and bring this new knowledge and energy back to lead diversity in our workplaces, our homes, and society.
Anyone can participate individually, even students. Approximately one in four participants are male. Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation is provided at your request. Please come to the venue as a place to learn and move forward in terms of both "organizational growth" and "individual growth." I look forward to meeting you on July 28th!


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