AboutWhat is the International Conference
for Women in Business?

Experience the essence of “diversity” in one day
The largest diversity conferences in Japan

The International Conference on Women in Business was planned and produced by Kaori Sasaki in 1990, when women didn’t have such opportunities to learn, and started as a conference for working women to network and learn. In 1996, the name was changed to the International Conference for Women in Business. Held every year for participants to experience “diverse perspectives”, it has grown into the largest diversity conference in Japan.

The purpose of gathering diverse perspectives is to achieve greater results. At this Conference, leading experts share their knowledge and experiences from around the world. These nine hours expand the participants’ thoughts and perspectives. Each participant expands diversity within himself, and at the same time, meets highly motivated workers who move forward together. This is the essence of the International Conference for Women in Business (ICWB).

Passionate participants from all over the world gather to share time to improve themselves and contribute to society. It is a valuable day to “experience” diversity.

About 1,000 highly motivated
working women and men participate every year!
The participant satisfaction rate exceeds 98% ever year!

The Conference, which lasts from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., is exceptional in that participant satisfaction has averaged over 98% from the first conference in 1996 to the 28th conference in 2023.
The reason for this is that Kaori Sasaki, the producer and chair of the ICWB, has over 30 years of experience in producing conferences. She carefully chooses the theme and each of the speakers to ensure that participants will learn and be inspired throughout the day. The ICWN is known for the “passion and aspiration” of all the speakers and participants.
Positive participants come from all over the world of their own volition, so the atmosphere at the venue is warm and friendly. About half of the participants attend alone, but by the end of the meeting at 7 p.m., many of them experience the excitement of meeting new friends.

Previous participants have said, “I want to learn new knowledge, expand into new perspectives, and meet like-minded people.”
“I want to meet role models and meet friends.”
“I want to share my experiences and gain the skills and information I need to enrich my work and life.”
You won’t find a conference this fun, fulfilling, and passionate anywhere else. The ICWB exudes the full power of “diversity”. We look forward to meeting you there.