Partnership Program

Why do you want to participate in the Partnership Program?

“Experience” diversity management

There is a deep learning experience that cannot be experienced anywhere else. By participating throughout the day, you will be able to understand the true meaning and purpose of DEI and “feel it in your bones”. Both female and male participants meet many role models, increase their motivation to expand their options for working and living, and see motivated students. This valuable time can lead to a change in the mindsets of managers and employees.
Companies who participate in the Partnership Program will have the opportunity for their CEOs and executives to take the stage, which is a great stimulus for the CEOs and can deepen their awareness and their organization’s commitment to DEI .


Enhancement of the corporate
brand value

When the CEO of a Partner participates, it leaves a lasting impression on the other speakers and participants. It conveys your company’s commitment to diversity management to not only the Conference participants, but also to the people who receive our Conference promotional material, which will lead to an increase in brand value. It is also useful as a public relations activity to attract top talent.

Partner Company Benefits

Examples of Gold Partners (partial)

  • ・CEO’s participation in a talk show (25 minutes)
  • ・Roundtable discussion by executive officers, general managers, etc.
  • ・Provision of video data of the talk show
  • ・Up to 15 people are invited to participate
  • ・Reserved table seats are available
  • ・Official partner logos and trophies will be presented

Voices from
Partner companies (partial)

“We are planning two after-sessions within the company after the ICWB, and we plan to share our impressions of the ICWB with the participants in the future. I felt that I was captivated at the beginning of the Conference and was taken to the world of Kaori Sasaki for 10 hours.”

“Fourteen women in middle management positions, including CEOs, participated in the event. Participants expressed their excitement at the opportunity to hear from speakers from all over the world and to learn about the case studies of other countries. The female staff showed interest in the fact that there were women working hard in the same way.”

“The president of our company participated. Until now, I had not heard much about the word “diversity” from the president, but it seems that he was greatly inspired by the International Conference on Women in Business.”