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International Conference for Women in Business
The International Conference for Women in Business has been held every summer since 1996. The objective of this conference is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as business professionals today and to provide an opportunity for active exchange, stimulation from international perspectives, and mutual support among peers who share a strong determination to succeed.

The average rate of satisfaction among participants from the 1st Conference through the 15th Conference has consistently exceeded 98%, proving that this is a unique and high-caliber business conference for working women in Japan.

The reason for the high level of satisfaction of this one-day conference is the dynamic nature of the participants. Positive-minded people from all over Japan decide for themselves to participate in this conference, which is why the atmosphere is so comfortable. Approximately 70% of the participants come alone. Yet by the time the conference ends, many of the attendees have made new friends and established new connections.

There will be major changes to the International Conference for Women in Business this year.

The Great East Japan Earthquake that struck on March 11, 2011 changed the lifestyles and conscious of people throughout Japan, especially in the Tohoku region. It also spurred us to seriously rethink our approach toward electricity. In consideration of energy conservation during peak summer demand, the conference will be a six-hour morning event from 8 AM to 2 PM, rather than 10 hours from 10 AM to 8 PM as in the past.

All participants will gather in the main venue at 8 AM and then sit at round tables to listen to six speeches. (There is simultaneous.interpretation for the main conference.)

The meeting will then split into several workshops, with attendees participating in one session with the theme of their choice. The working sessions with prominent leaders will be very productive and interactive, with question-and-answer sessions and discussions with participants.

This year, lunch will be in the format of a buffet-style networking party. Participants can meet and chat with other attendees and speakers from a wide variety of industries while enjoying food meticulously prepared by hotel chefs. Attendees can also buy books authored by the speakers and check out the Conference sponsors’ booths.

This year, we established a “Matching Sponsor” system that individuals may participate in. Matching Sponsors are sponsors who will cover the Conference fee to invite someone from the afflicted areas or a college/high school student. (Click here for details)

If you are looking to meet role models, to share your experiences, to find like-minded friends, or to gain the necessary skills and information to enrich your career and life, come join us. Let’s learn, mutually enhance, and advance forward together.

This Year's Conference

Acting and Connecting Beyond Borders

The theme for the Conference this year is “Acting and Connecting Beyond Borders.”

To act with a broad perspective without placing restrictions on our thoughts; to have the global perspective to take action beyond national borders; to cross borders of the disaster-stricken areas to support each other; to connect with like-minded people to create progressive energy… The intent of this theme is to cross the many borders that exist in society to connect and make progress.

We hope that you will attend the Conference as a first step toward this aspiration.

The Conference is open for anyone with spirit and high motivation to move forward and improve her/his skills in the professional career and personal life.

Participants come from various backgrounds: office workers, corporate managers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, academics and professors, lawyers, SOHO workers, physicians, engineers, etc. The age range is from the late teens to the seventies and the majority of participants are in their 30s and 40s.

Students, men, and those who are currently unemployed are also sincerely welcome to attend the Conference.

The youngest participant so far was a high school girl who came with her mother. The oldest was an over- 80 year-old man. We look forward to seeing you at the site.

Date & Venue
Date: Saturday, July 23, 2011
Venue: GRAND PACIFIC TOKYO LE DAIBA (Special Rate/Discount)
2-6-1, Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel 03-5500-6711
*Daiba Station on the Yurikamome Line [Access Map]
Door’s Opening: 07:00
Opening: 08:00
  • Seats, including for workshops, are non-reserved seats.
  • Yurikamome and other transportation lines are predicted to be very crowded on this day and there may be a wait to board the train. We strongly recommend that you to allot yourself extra time to arrive.

  1. Please register from this web site. Before filling in the registration form, please read "Please Note the Following" which appears below on this web page.
  2. The Conference consists of three parts: the speeches, the workshop, and the networking buffet lunch. For further details, please see Program.
  3. Upon receipt of your application, "the note of confirmation" will be automatically e-mailed to you. (In case you do not have an e-mail account we will fax or post the confirmation letter within 24 hours on business days.)
  4. Within a week of receiving the confirmation note, please complete the bank remittance by following the directions on the note.
  5. If you do not receive "the note of confirmation" within 30 minutes of registering, please notify the Secretariat.
Please Note the Following
  1. Registration will not be confirmed until payment is received. Registration is on a first-come first-served basis and will close as soon as capacity is reached.
  2. The registration fee is non-refundable.
  3. The applicant is responsible for the bank remittance fee.
  4. Please be sure to make the remittance under the name of the applicant on the registration form.
Registration Form

Matching Sponsor System
We are implementing a sponsorship program this year. This provides the opportunity for participants to sponsor and meet each other and share time and experiences with others who are our future but would currently find it a hardship to participate in the Conference without assistance.

Sponsor fees paid by a Matching Sponsor would cover registration fees for the sponsor himself/herself and one other person.

> To see details or apply as a Matching Sponsor, click here.

> If you wish to participate with the support of a Matching Sponsor, click here.

Registration Fee
Registration fee includes;
1) Morning speeches
2) One workshop
3) A buffet-style networking lunch reception

There are three ways to participate.
1) General participation
Attending by paying the participation fee for yourself.
2) Matching Sponsor participation
  Attending by paying for your own fee as well as part of the fee for someone from a disaster-afflicted area or a female college/high school student from anywhere in Japan. On the day of the Conference, you will meet the person who was assisted and accepted the experience/opportunity. Your seats toward the front of the venue will also be reserved.
*For details or to apply, click here.
3) Free invited participation with the support of a sponsor
   Persons from disaster-afflicted areas or female students may apply to participate in the invitation program with the support of a Matching Sponsor.
*For details or to apply, click here.

1) Registration fees for general participation
by 24:00
on May 31
by 24:00
on June 31
by 24:00
on July 20
after 0:00
on July 21
JPY 23,000 JPY 24,000 JPY 25,000 JPY 30,000
* The fees above apply if you apply by the date and time listed and payment is received within one week.
* When remitting payment on July 20 or later, please fax or e-mail evidence of your payment to the Secretariat and bring a copy with you on the day of the Conference just in case.

2) Registration fees for Matching Sponsors
Registered by 24:00 on June 30
JPY 45,000
* The fee above applies if you apply by the date and time listed and payment is received within one week.

3) Those who wish to participate for free at the invitation of a sponsor
For details or to apply, click here.

* Registration will not be confirmed until the payment is received.
* Please note that if the payment is not received until the payment deadline, your registration might be canceled.
* Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and will close when capacity is reached.
* The registration fee is non-refundable. If you wish to change the participant's name, please contact the Secretariat beforehand.

Kids Room

Because the babysitting services that were available in the past in the commercial facility (Aqua City) have been discontinued, we are unable to recommend any babysitting services near the venue this year. We hope for your kind understanding.

Notes and requests to participants

The International Conference for Women in Business is a place for mutual learning and enhancement, so encounters are something to be cherished. It is our hope that these encounters will be mutually beneficial; however, this applies only when both parties desire this.

We ask that participants refrain from randomly pitching business, calling, or sending materials to those they exchanged business cards with, especially if the other party indicated that there is no need to do so.

If you are approached with sales or an introduction to services/goods that you do not desire from someone you exchanged business cards with or someone from the same company, or if someone pushes for a business transaction or conversation you feel uncomfortable with, please clearly decline. You should also decline if something feels suspicious.

Anyone is free to participate in this Conference. The Secretariat will not guarantee the trustworthiness of any participant, even if he/she is a Conference attendee. We will not be held liable should any such issues arise and ask that participants use their own judgment.

For more information, please contact at the Secretariat.
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