A brief introduction to past International Conferences for Women in Business

The 20th International Conference for Women in Business|2015

Sunday, July 26, 2016
Make History

Feature Speech

Haruno Yoshida(President&Representative Director, BT Japan Corporation)

Feature Speech

Seiko Noda(Member of the House of Representatives, Liberal Democratic Party)

Feature Speech

Yumiko Kamada(Senior Executive Officer, CALBEE, Inc.)

Feature Speech

Keiko Ihara(International race car driver,
Guest Associate Professor of Keio University Graduate School of Media Design,
Asian representative for the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile)

Talk Show H.E.Ms. Deepa Gopalan WADHWA
(Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Embassy of India in Japan)
H.E.Ms. Mohau PHEKO
(Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Embassy of the Republic of South Africa in Japan)
Rosemary McCarney
(President and CEO of Plan Canada)
Yoko Ishikura
(Professor Emeritus, Hitotsubashi University)
Talk Show Yoshimitsu Kobayashi
(Representative Director, Member of the Board, Chairman, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation Member of the Board, Chairman, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation)
Tsuyoshi Nagano
(President & Chief Executive Officer, Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc. Tokio Marine & Nichido FIre Insurance Co.,Ltd.)
Kunibe Takeshi
(President and Chief Executive Officer, SMBC Director, Member of the Board of Directors, SMFG)
Keiko Hamada
(AERA division Editor in Chief, ASAHI Shimbun Pablications Inc.)
Talk Show Mitsuru Claire Chino
(Executive Officer, General Counsel Attorney-at-Law (California), ITOCHU Corporation)
Kathy Matsui
(Vice Chair, Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd.)
Izumi Kobayashi
(Member of the Board of Directors, ANA Holdings Inc.
Director,Mitsui & Co. Ltd. Director, Member of the Board, Suntory Holdings Ltd.)
Minori Takao
(NHK World "Newsline" Anchor, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation))
Talk Show Makiko Yamada
(Executive Secretary to the Prime Minister)
Atsuko Muraki
(Vice Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare)
Rui Matsukawa
(Director, Gender Mainstreaming Division, Foreign Policy Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affirs)
Kyoko Yoshida
(Director for Policy Coordination, Broadcasting Policy Division, Information and Communications Bureau Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
Sayuri Daimon
(Managing Editor, Executive Operating Officer, The Japan Times)
Talk Show Tatsuya Matsui
(President and Robot Designer, Flower Robotics, Inc.)
Noriko H. Arai
(Professor, National Institute of Informatics)
Hiroshi Ishii
(Associate Director and Jerome B. Wiesner Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, MIT Media Lab)
Etsuko Komiya(Freelance newscaster)
Interactive Discussion Session
  • 「【in English】Who Gets Promoted, Who Doesn’t, and Why?」
  • 「【in English】Women, Be Ambitious」
  • 「Careers and women's reproductive lifecycles」
  • 「LGBT, important as workers, important as consumers」
  • 「Board Diversity」
Interactive Discussion Session
  • 「【English】New ideas that will make the next decade」
  • 「【English】Negotiation Workshop」
  • 「Regulatory reform for work diversity」
  • 「Women’s investments move the economy」
  • 「Women in management」

The 20th International Conference for Women in Business Report

The 19th International Conference for Women in Business|2014

Sunday, July 13,2014
Game Changer

Feature Speech

Marina Mahathir(Writer)

Feature Speech

Yoshie Komuro(CEO, Work Life Balance, Co., Ltd.)

Feature Speech

Gota Miura(Professional skier, Ph.D. Researcher (Medicine))

Feature Speech

Sputniko!(Artist / Assistant Professor, MIT Media Lab)

Talk Show Masako Mori
(House of Councilors member, lawyer, and deputy secretary-general of the Liberal Democratic Party)
Nobuhiro Endo(President , NEC Corporation)
Yosuke Yagi(Executive Officer and Executive Vice President LIXIL Group Corporation)
Sayuri Daimon(Executive Operating Officer&Managing Editor The Japan Times Ltd.)
Talk Show Christine Edman(President, H&M Japan)
Makiko Eda(President, Intel K.K. (Japan))
Asako Aoyama(Controller and Senior Executive Officer of Coca-Cola East Japan)
Minori Takao(NHK World News Anchor)
Talk Show Tomoko Ikegai(President of ikg inc. / Space Producer)
IWC(International Wine Challenge) Ambassador Japan Co-op SACHI Ltd. CEO Kanpai Sake School Headmistress Miss Sake Association / Adviser)
Kyoko Sasaki(Manager Announcer Division Programming and Production Department Fuji Television Network, Inc.)
Interactive Discussion Session
  • 【English】We must know what's happening in the world. And change it!
  • Changing the rules within an organization - Women in management
  • Create your own market! The masterminds behind new brands and new product development
  • Free discussion on childcare reform
Interactive Discussion Session
  • 【English】What women can do to move Japan forward
  • What can women presidents and CEOs change?
  • Raising children who can change the future
  • Representing Japan at international institutions

The 19th International Conference for Women in Business Report

The 18th International Conference for Women in Business|2013

Sunday, August 4, 2013
Be a leader. Commit to excellence.

Feature Speech Kathy M. Matsui(Managing director, Global Investment Research, GoldmanSachs)
Feature Speech Monika Queisser(Head of Social Policy Division OECD)
Feature Speech

Yuri Okina(Research Director, Senior Economist The Japan Research Institute, Ltd.)

Feature Speech

Fumiko Hayashi(Mayor of the city of Yokohama)

Talk Show Tomomi Inada
(Minister in charge of the "Cool Japan" and "Challenge Again" campaigns as well as regulatory, administrative, and civil service reform initiatives)
Masako Mori
(House of Councilors member, lawyer, and deputy secretary-general of the Liberal Democratic Party)
Keiko Yamamoto
(Reporter, News Department, NHK Nagoya Broadcasting Station)
Talk Show Kiyoshi Kurokawa(Academic Fellow, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies Chairman)
Yuri Okina(Research Director, Senior Economist The Japan Research Institute, Ltd.)
Talk Show Yasuko Miyajima
(Senior Manager of Announcing Department&Programming Department, Executive Announcer, Programming&Entertainment Division, TV Asahi Corporation)
Yuki Ota(Olympic athlete Affiliated with Morinaga&Co. Ltd)
Interactive Discussion Session1
  • ・【English】Closing the Gender Gap
  • ・Actively pursuing politics. Considering policies.
  • ・Shaping the body. Training to alter the body.
  • ・Starting a business! Changing society with your own ideas.
Interactive Discussion Session2
  • ・【English】Negotiation Skills
  • ・A healthy body and mind
  • ・Diversity Management. What kind of change do female board members bring?
  • ・Helping children around the world
Interactive Discussion Session
  • ・【English】Is Japan getting its message across?
  • ・Cultivating both younger and older minds to aim to become the world's best
  • ・Businesswomen will change Japan!
  • ・Voice training/facial training

The 18th International Conference for Women in Business Report

The 17th International Conference for Women in Business|2012

Saturday, July 28, 2012
We move the world forward

Feature Speech Stuti Jalan(Founder&Managing Director, Crosshairs Communication (India))
Feature Speech Goshi Hosono(Minister of the Environment)
Feature Speech Makiko Eda(Director of Marketing&Consumer Sales, Intel Asia Pacific)
Feature Speech Hiroshi Ishii(Associate Director, MIT Media Lab)
Feature Speech Lin Kobayashi(Executive Director of Foundation for International School of Asia, Karuizawa)
Feature Speech Soichi Noguchi(Astronaut)
Talk Show Yoko Ishikura(Professor of Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University)
Takeshi Natsuno(Professor of Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University)
English Rakugo Emiko Magoshi(Professor of International Management, J.F. Oberlin University)
Feature Speech Masamichi Ito(Regional Manager, Cargo Sales - Japan, American Airlines)
Feature Speech Seiko Noda(Member of the House of Representatives)
Interactive Discussion Session
  • ・Women making an impact in Asia
  • ・Moving Japan Forward—Women and the Economy
  • ・What You Should Do by 35 to Advance Your Career
  • ・Raise Children that Contribute to the World
  • ・Information Technology is Changing the World and our Future
Interactive Discussion Session
  • ・Learning from Global Leaders
  • ・Thinking about Global Issues
  • ・Thinking about Your Career. Is Management a Good Choice for You?
  • ・Voice and Face Training to Enhance your Communication Skills
  • ・Diversity Communication


The 17th International Conference for Women in Business Report

The 16th International Conference for Women in Business|2011

Saturday, July 23, 2011
Acting and Connecting Beyond Borders

Feature Speech Fujiyo Ishiguro (President&CEO of Netyear Group Corp)
Feature Speech Yukiko Arai (Senior Specialist at International Labour Organization)
Special Talk Yoko Ishikura (Professor of Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University)
Kiyoshi Kurokaw (Professor of the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)
10-min. Talk Emiko Okuyama (Mayor of the city of Sendai)
Feature Speech Naoyuki Sato (Communication Director)
  • ・Japan's Communication Skills [Conducted in English]
  • ・Getting to Know Your Money Better
  • ・Keys to Advancing Your Career
  • ・Working Styles, Inspired by Working Abroad
  • ・The Potential of Social Networks
  • ・Strengthening Japanese Companies: New Perspectives by External Board Members
  • ・Making Everyday Fun: a Mindset and New Techniques for Creating the Future
  • ・Japan's Recovery: Our Ideas


The 16th International Conference for Women in Business Report

The 15th International Conference for Women in Business|2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010
Making a Difference

Opening 10-min. Talk Fumiko Hayashi (Mayor of the city of Yokohama)
Feature Speech Yumiko Kamada
(General Manager, Life-Style Business Development Headquarters, Station Development&Regional Revitalization Division, East Japan Railway Company)
Special 10-min. Talk Hiroshi Tasaka (Professor, Graduate School of Tama University / President, SophiaBank, Inc.)
Sponsor 10-min. Talk Kazumasa Yoshida (Representative Director and President, Intel K.K.)
Feature Speech Reiko Akiike (Partner&Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group)
Luncheon Talk "Jazz HIKESHI (putting out fires): Preventing War: Thinking about Peace Ads with Maekita/Isezaki Lab" Kenji Isezaki
(Professor, Peace and Conflict Studies, Graduate School of Area and Culture Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Miyako Maekita (Representative, Sustena)
  • ・Learning From a Personal Look at Women Leaders
  • ・Consumption and Society Moved by Twitter
  • ・Just What is the Raison d'Etre of Businesses?
  • ・Forever Beautiful and Full of Vitality: the Minds and Health of Working Women
  • ・Working Mothers&Working Fathers: Moving Society Together With Working Fathers
  • ・Discover Your Possibilities *(Conducted in English)
  • ・Making a Difference: Enhancing Japan's Role and Influence *(Conducted in English)
  • ・Will Japan's Economy Develop?
  • ・The Benefits of a Seductive Career
  • ・Cultivating Working Women for Growth
  • ・Homes and Environments Sought by Working Women: Lifestyles
  • ・Communication to Motivate Others to Action
  • ・Who will change politics?

The15th International Conference for Women in Business Report

The 14th International Conference for Women in Business|2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009
Act outside the Box

Feature Speech Kansai Yamamoto (Designer / Producer)
Feature Speech Mami Ito (President, Nihon Dento Kogyo Co., Ltd.)
Feature Speech Nobuyuki Idei (Founder&CEO, Quantum Leaps Corporation)
Feature Speech Yuko Kawamoto
(Professor, Waseda University Graduate School of Finace, Accounting and Law)
  • ・Advice to Japan by Foreign Businesspersons *(Conducted in English)
  • ・Blazing Your Own Career Path
  • ・Exploring the Meaning of Accountable Business Management in the New Era
  • ・Straight from High-Profile Advertisement Creators: How to Communicate Your Message
  • ・Finance Today: Money in Motion
  • ・Shape Up for a Winning Body and Mind!
  • ・Communicating Assertively Outside of the Box *(Conducted in English)
  • ・Communication Techniques for Supervisors and Staff
  • ・Change for Japan: Economy, Politics, and Society
  • ・The Hidden Story of Hit Products that Defied Convention
  • ・Working Women Seeking Marriage and Seeking Divorce
  • ・School Education that Nurtures Leadership

The 14th International Conference for Women in Business Report

The 13th International Conference for Women in Business|2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008
Diversity and Inclusion

Keynote Address Izumi Kobayashi (President, Merrill Lynch Japan Securities Co., Ltd)
Feature Speech Eun-Mi Chae (Managing Director of FedEx Korea)
Feature Speech Motoshige Ito (Professor, Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo)
  • ・Working and Doing Business in Japan as a Foreigner *(Conducted in English)
  • ・Case Studies in Corporate Diversity
  • ・Careers and Lifestyles in Your 30s
  • ・Learning from Young Entrepreneurs
  • ・Diversity and Community Development
  • ・Diversity in the Media Industry
  • ・Communications Workshop: Adapting to Diversity
  • ・Thinking of Asian Women's Roles in the Economy and Society *(Conducted in English)
  • ・LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) and the Corporate World
  • ・What is Happening in the Global and Japanese Economies?
  • ・Training Yourself to Think Ethically and Strategically
  • ・Careers and Lifestyles for Executives in Their 40s
  • ・Wellness (Genki) Management Improves Leadership and Drive
  • ・Breaking down the Walls of Common Sense: What Laughter Can Do

The 13th International Conference for Women in Business Report

The 12th International Conference for Women in Business|2007

Sunday, July 15, 2007
Vision Quest
- What We Need To Do Today To Build Our Tomorrow -

Feature Speech Darcy Neill (Executive Trainer)
Feature Speech Junko Edahiro (Environmental Journalist and the translator of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth")
Feature Speech Motoshige Ito (Professor, Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo)
  • ・Vision quest *(Conducted in English)
  • ・Communication between corporations and consumers: New online marketing
  • ・The "real" state of the global environment and what we can do
  • ・Movie production: Giving shape to abstract ideas
  • ・Creating growth opportunities: Taking the leadership
  • ・Communication: The defference that makes the diiference! *(Conducted in English)
  • ・Standard-bearers for corporate reform
  • ・Leadership within an era of diversity
  • ・Japanese Leadership in Asia
  • ・Become a professional: Learning at graduate school
  • ・Organic Communication

The 12th International Conference for Women in Business Report

The 11th International Conference for Women in Business|2006

Saturday, July 15, 2006
- Careers and Class: For a More Powerful You -

Feature Speech Naoko Shindo (Medical Officer, World Health Organization (WHO))
Feature Speech Kenichiro Mogi
(Brain Scientist Senior Researcher, Sony Computer Science Laboratory
Feature Speech Yoko Ishikura
(Professor of the Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy Hitotsubashi University)
  • ・Career-Building: The First 10 Years
  • ・Secrets for Staying in Top Condition
  • ・Dignity, Decency and Class: People and Companies
  • ・How to Read the News
  • ・E-Mail Communication *(Conducted in English))
  • ・Team Building: How to Inspire Your Subordinates
  • ・Managers Who Bring Companies Back to Life
  • ・Work/Life Synergy
  • ・New Marketing Methods for Companies
  • ・Japanese Leadership*(Conducted in English)
  • ・If You Understand Investment, You Understand Economics
  • ・Anti-Aging and Secrets to Health

The 10th International Conference for Women in Business|2005

Saturday, July 16, 2005
The Next Stage for Women
- Corporate and Personal Responsibility in the Age of CSR -

Keynote Address Miyuki Zeniya (Deputy President, The Saikyo Bank, LTD.)
Feature Speech Kayoko Hosokawa (Chairperson of the NPO, Special Olympics Japan)
Feature Speech Hiromi Wada (President, Perie, Inc.)
  • ・Work/Life Balance
  • ・Next in Japan: What to Expect of the Japanese Economy
  • ・Diversity: Utilizing Women in the CSR Era
  • ・Writing a Life Script: Time Management for Translating Dreams into Reality
  • ・Pondering Politics: Towards Change in Social "Mechanisms"
  • ・Corporate Citizenship-More to it than meets the eye *(Conducted in English)
  • ・Career Cramming for the Under 35s
  • ・Working in a Position of Authority
  • ・Next in Japan: What to Expect in Education, Environment and the Society
  • ・Corporate Ethics Education and the Personal Information Protection Law: Attitudes in the CSR Era
  • ・The Art of Office Communication
  • ・New-style Management: Transforming Companies
  • ・Develop Your Assertiveness*(Conducted in English)
  • ・Hawaiian Wind: a Workshop on Breathing

The 9th International Conference for Women in Business|2004

Saturday, July 24, 2004
Self Motivation: Turning Passion into Action

Keynote Address Mamoru Mohri (Astronaut and Director, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation)
Feature Speech Fumiko Hayashi (President, BMW Tokyo Corp.)
Luncheon Talk Shogo Kariyazaki (Flower Arrangement Artist/ Owner, Kariyazaki Shogo school of flower arranging)
  • ・Breathing Life Back into Business – Invigorating the Organization and Achieving Results
  • ・The Internet - Tips and tricks for the advanced user
  • ・Turning Negatives into Positives *(Conducted in English)
  • ・Sales Hints: How to Get Things Moving
  • ・The Power of Positive Thinking – Make Yourself Happy
  • ・Money Management: Making Money Your Friend
  • ・Taking the Lead *(Conducted in English)
  • ・What You Can Learn From the Media
  • ・Change with "Innovation"
  • ・Be Your Own Boss
  • ・Upgrading Your Career Within the Organization
  • ・First Impressions Count – Learn How to Control Deportment

The 8th International Conference for Women in Business|2003

Saturday, July 19, 2003
Global Literacy: Expanding Your Worldview

Keynote Address Tomomi Nishimoto (Chief Conductor, Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra "Millenium")
Feature Speech Fusae Nara (Attorney and Partner, Pillsbury Winthrop LLP)
Feature Speech Hiroshi Nakada (Mayor of the City of Yokohama)
  • ・Presenting Yourself Within the Organization
  • ・Japan's Role in the World
  • ・Raising Children as Global Citizens
  • ・Thinking Flexibly *(Conducted in English)
  • ・Health Management - Thinking About Food
  • ・Understanding Innovative Entrepreneurial Thinking The World through the Lens - Tokyo Photo Night *(Conducted in English)
  • ・The World through the Lens(英語)
  • ・New Innovative Marketing Strategies
  • ・"Investment" that can Change the Corporate World
  • ・The current situation in China and Korea
  • ・Communication Training - Expressing Yourself
  • ・Making your Best even Better

The 7th International Conference for Women in Business|2002

Saturday, July 20, 2002
Accepting the Challeng to Change

Keynote Address Sakie Tachibana Fukushima
(Representative Director and Regional Managing Director - Japan, Korn/Ferry International)
Feature Speech Carlos Ghosn (President and Chief Executive Officer, Nissan Motor, Co., Ltd.)
Luncheon Talk Kaori Nara Turner (Hollywood Body Make-Up Artist)
  • ・Building a Career: Mentoring and Career Advancement
  • ・Community Marketing: A Concept
  • ・Risk Management for Organizations
  • ・Feeling Good: Managing Your Mental and Physical Health
  • ・Family Communication
  • ・The Real Lives of Freelancers
  • ・Redefining Employability *(Conducted in English)
  • ・Professional Image: Your Unspoken Message
  • ・Profitability and Responsibility *(Conducted in English)
  • ・Professional Image: Your Unspoken Message Profitability and Responsibility
  • ・Not Just About Winning: Leadership Qualities that Matter in the 00's
  • ・Mixing Love and Work
  • ・Lifelong Learning: Growing Throughout Your Life
  • ・Taking Control of Your Life: How to Balance Life and Work
  • ・Playback Theatre Part 3

The 6th International Conference for Women in Business|2001

Saturday, July 14, 2001
Women and Money: Working towards Financial Independence

Keynote Address Risa Tanaka (Editor-in-chief, Sendenkaigi )
Feature Speech Kumi Fujisawa (Director, SophiaBank, Limited)
Feature Speech Suchita Vadlamani (Anchor, CNBC Asia)
  • ・Financing Your Own Company
  • ・Life Plan Simulation: Part 1
  • ・Raising Money-Wise Children
  • ・Money 101:Part 1
  • ・Investment Tips for the Advanced
  • ・Moving Ahead in An Organization
  • ・Investing in Yourself
  • ・Defining Strong Leadership
  • ・Women and the Economy
  • ・All You Need to Know About Becoming an FP
  • ・Finance Online
  • ・Life Plan Simulation: Part 2
  • ・Playback Theatre 2

The 5th International Conference for Women in Business|2000

Saturday, August 26, 2000
Women and the Internet

Keynote Address Marleen McDaniel (Chair and CEO, Women.com Networks, Inc., USA)
Feature Speech Mari Matsunaga (Editorial Director, eWoman)
Feature Speech e-Sook Kim (President and CEO, e-Corportation, Inc., Korea)
  • ・Internet Etiquette Made Simple
  • ・Motivating Your Own Employees
  • ・Working Mother&Child&Stress
  • ・The Internet: Where Is It Heading?
  • ・SOHO Success Stories
  • ・Online Trading 101
  • ・The World of Venture Business
  • ・Climbing Your Way Up the Corporate Ladder
  • ・Getting the Most Out of the Internet
  • ・The Way to Build an Internet Community
  • ・e-Commerce: Making the Transition into Being Online
  • ・Playback Theatre

The 4th International Conference for Women in Business|1999

Saturday, September 18, 1999
Achieving Personal Excellence

Keynote Address Bernadette Grey (Editor-in-chief of "Working Women" magazine)
Feature Speech Masami Atarashi (President of International Business Brain K.K.)
Carmee Lim (Principal of Raffles Girl's School in Singapore)
Mariko Tamura (Editor of Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.)
Cho Xi (President of You You World Corporation)
Talk Show Kyoko Kubo (Model and Actress)Kaori
Sasaki (President of UNICUL International, Inc.)
  • ・Being an Excellent Employee
  • ・Achieving Excellence as a Freelancer
  • ・So you want to be an Entrepreneur?
  • ・Profiles of High Achievers
  • ・Research Skills on the Internet
  • ・Managerial Excellence
  • ・Crucial Communications Skills
  • ・Opportunities on the Internet
  • ・Job Opportunities in Japan
  • ・ Working Mothers in Japan

The 3rd International Conference for Women in Business|1998

Saturday, August 16, 1998
Being Independent

Keynote Address Marsha L. Firestone, Ph.D. (Vice President of Women Incorporated) U.S.A
Feature Speech1 Masayoshi Fujita (Editor-in-chief of "Newsweek Japan")
Feature Speech2 Naoko Banno (President of Career Strategy Inc. and Quick Inc.)
  • ・Secrets of Super Achievers
  • ・Self-management for Independent People
  • ・Creating Your Own Home Page
  • ・Maintaining Good Relationships between Children and Working Moms
  • ・Media Literacy
  • ・Ethics of the International Business
  • ・Using the Internet to Start your SOHO
  • ・Financial Changes Brought by Big Bang
  • ・Mentor and Mentee
  • ・Marketing to Reach Your Customers

The 2nd International Conference for Women in Business|1997

Saturday, August 15, 1997
Business and Relaxation

Keynote Address&Presentation Ikuo Nishioka (Chairman of Intel K.K.) and Kaori Sasaki(President of UNICUL International, Inc. and NAPW)
Feature Speech1 Louise K. Crane (Minister-Counselor, USIA, U.S. Embassy Tokyo)
Feature Speech2 Carmee Lim (Principal of Raffles Girl's School in Singapore)
Feature Speech3 Mariko Tamura (Editor of Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.)
Feature Speech4 Cho Xi (President of You You World Corporation)
  • ・The Internet and Your New Work Style
  • ・From Give&Take to Give&Given
  • ・Women's Health and Relaxation
  • ・From employee to Entrepreneur
  • ・Developing Leadership Qualities
  • ・Work, Kids and Computers
  • ・Wellness&Walking
  • ・Get Success with the Internet
  • ・Setting Up Your Home for SOHO
  • ・Finding&Following Your Passion

The 1st International Conference for Women in Business|1996

Saturday, July 6, 1996
Women in Leadership

Feature Speech1 Terri Lonier (Author of the bestselling book "Working SOLO")
Feature Speech2 Midori Nakajima (President of A"L"IS Inc.)
Feature Speech3 Mari Matunaga (Edior-in-chief of "Works", general editor of "Travail")
Feature Speech4 Marrie Schaefer (Second Secretary, American Embassy)
Feature Speech5 Sakie Fukushima (Vice president & partner of Korn/Ferry International Japan)
  • ・Finding and Following Your Passion
  • ・Profiles of Super Achievers&the Secrets of their Success
  • ・Corporate Board Power
  • ・How to Get Your Business Started
  • ・Defining Your Leadership Style
  • ・The Winning Game: Negotiating Strategies for the Successful Women
  • ・Operating a Home-based Business
  • ・The Balancing Act: Juggling Motherhood, Eldercare and Career
  • ・On-Ramp to the Information Superhighway
  • ・Your Personal Health and Fitness
  • ・Professional Image: Your Unspoken Message
  • ・Rewards of a Non-Profit Career