Voices of Participants


F (Female, General Participant)

"This is my second time, following last year. I was excited to meet so many people and decided to participate this time too. The speech by Ishii-san of MIT was full of love for his family and it was clear to me that personal communication and compassion are essential for the origins of technology advancement."

T (Female, General Participant)

"I participated for the first time. There is a project at my company to aid women to flourish, and when I learned about the International Conference for Women in Business through an in-house newsletter, I decided to participate because I want to actively learn many things especially this year. I learned the importance of autonomy for individuals, even if they belong to a company. I also sensed that learning and meeting people is important for that. I would like to actively participate in future conferences."

S (Female, General Participant)

"This enthusiasm and the whirlpool of exchanging business cards were astonishing. It's common for people to participate in groups at this type of event, but I was amazed at the large number of independent people participating in this conference alone. All the discussions were inspiring and triggered me to consider my own future path and what I can contribute."

Y (Female college student/Sponsored Participant)

"I normally tend to stay holed up in the university lab (science course) and am always surrounded by male students. It was fun with so many women today. I learned a lot about things outside of my specialty. I was also happy for the opportunity to speak in person with Ishii-san of MIT."

A (Female high school student/Sponsored Participant)

"I participated today with the hope of absorbing 120% of the knowledge and encounters, but this was beyond my imagination and I absorbed about 350%. I want to boost Japan from the local regions. My vision is to change Japan from my hometown of Fukuoka. I want to study politics in college and go to work at a TV station to communicate. And then I want to become a global leader!"

Y (Male college student/Sponsored Participant)

"I participated because I want to become a global leader. This was the first time I've come in contact with so many working people, and it was very stimulating. I'm still a student, so I thought 'The time for action will come when I join the work force' but after participating in the conference today, I realized that I need to take action right now."

A (Male college student/Sponsored Participant)

"I want to start my own business in the future and expected to hear discussions about specific actions for becoming a global leader. But more than that, it was satisfying to learn about the philosophies required for leaders. After participating in the conference, I realized it's important to continue thinking on your own."

History of the Conference

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