Kohzoh Takaoka

Representative Director, President & CEO, Nestlé Japan Ltd.
Kohzoh Takaoka graduated from the School of Business Administration at Kobe University in 1983 and then joined Nestlé Japan Ltd. After holding various brand manager positions, he was named Marketing Director at Nestlé Confectionary K.K., where he rolled out a highly successful campaign in which KitKat became a must-have good luck charm for students in Japan taking entrance exams. In 2005, Mr. Takaoka became Representative Director and President of Nestlé Confectionary K.K. In 2010, he was named Representative Director & Executive Vice President, Beverage Business Group, Nestlé Japan Ltd., where he built a new Nescafé business model. In November of the same year, he became Representative Director, President & CEO of Nestlé Japan Ltd. While the building and incorporation of new business models, such as Nescafé ambassadors, has been very profitable, his goal is to build a mature business model that incorporates a marketing perspective in all divisions, including administration, that can be used on a global scale. In particular, He integrated a marketing perspective into HR and he has spent the last eight years working on innovating the ways in which people work.