Marika Niiro

Director, ewoman, Inc.
After graduating from the College of Arts and Sciences Senior Division, of The University of Tokyo, in 2002, Marika Niiro joined Hachette Fujingaho (currently Hearst Fujingaho). As a member of the editorial department at the magazine “25ans”, she was responsible for features on fashion, culture, and social contribution for the wealthy and for interviewing both Japanese and international celebrities. She also played a leader role in the launch of the online version of “25ans” in 2010. After leaving the company in 2012, Ms. Niiro was appointed Chief Producer & Executive Officer of the Rebirth Project, where she helped to establish a number of businesses to creatively solve social issues, such as the “Japan Uniform Committee” which produces ethical uniforms. In 2017, Ms. Niiro joined ewoman, Inc. as manager of the Business Development Division and was named a director in 2019. She is the mother of two children.