H.E. Ms. Melba Pria

Ambassador of Mexico
H.E. Ms. Melba Pria was Ambassador of Mexico to India from 2015 to 2018 and to Indonesia from 2007 to March 2015. She was born in Mexico City. Holds a Bachelor Degree in Sociology, two Masters Degrees in Public Policy and International Studies and a Post Graduate in National Security and Strategic Studies. A professional public servant who has served Mexico’s public and private sectors for 40 years, the main themes of her work are embracing political and developmental objectives that focus on and address issues relating to poverty, identity and tolerance, marginalized and ethnically-differentiated communities.
In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she has worked in areas that promote the inclusion of different stakeholders in international affairs. She worked as Head of Public Diplomacy and also Director General for Mexican Diaspora. Prior to the above roles with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she was political and consular attaché at the Mexican Embassy in Israel and later advisor to the Foreign Minister.