Yukari Kanke

Former Nippon Television Announcer
Isogai Voice & Vocal Training Methid Instructor.
After Ms. Kanke graduated from the Department of Journalism, Faculty of Humanities at Sophia University, she became an announcer for the Nippon Television Network Corporation, where she worked as MC and reporter on a variety of news and sports programs and tabloid shows. After leaving the company, she became a freelance announcer for radio and TV as well as MC and narrator for symposiums and seminars. She is currently a lecturer for the NTV Gakuin School and at colleges, providing instruction on the basics of announcing and methods of self-expression. She also teaches communication skills and provides voice and facial training for communication to businesspeople and at corporate seminars and training courses.
Ms. Kanke is also a committee member of the Setagaya Health Development Resident Forum and active as a facial expression trainer, teaching how to make attractive facial expressions.
Ms. Kanke is an ewoman online Roundtable Discussion Chair.