Kenshu Kamura

Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership Specially Appointed Associate Professor
CEO of NPO home's vi
ORG Laboratory Founder
Kenshu Kamura is best known in Japan for his numerous media appearances based on his role as a commentator in the Japanese edition of the best-selling “Reinventing Organizations”. He researches and implements his knowledge to change conflicts and constraints that are generated when people gather into synergy. His research interests range from conflict resolution technology, psychology, and brain science to the teachings of indigenous peoples, both in Japan and abroad. Mr. Kamura works in a variety of domains, from non-profit areas, such as urban renewal and education, to organizational development and support for innovation in profit-oriented organizations. As a facilitator, he conducts more than 100 workshops a year. In 2015, Kamura took a year off and travelled the world. It was during this time that he encountered a new organizational paradigm called the Teal organization. Upon his return to Japan, he established ORG Laboratory, a practical learning community with a mission to help Japanese organizations and society evolve.