Matsuo Iwata

CEO of Leadership Consulting Inc.
Part-Timer Lecturer at Waseda University
Former CEO of Starbucks Coffee Japan
Matsuo Iwata joined Nissan Motor in 1982. He gained broad experience on the manufacturing frontlines and other departments from sales to finance, prior to leaving to study at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. After returning to Japan, Mr. Iwata worked at a foreign-affiliated consulting company and Coca-Cola Beverage Service before taking the post of representative director and president of ATLUS Co. Ltd. in 2000. In 2005, he became president and CEO of AEON FOREST CO., LTD., which operates The Body Shop. In 2009, he was appointed CEO of Starbucks Coffee Japan, Ltd. In 2013, Mr. Iwata founded Leadership Consulting Inc. with the mission of fostering leaders. His many books include “51 Keys to Becoming a Leader People Want to Follow” (Sunmark Publishing) and “Mission: The Former Starbucks CEO’s Thoughts on Work” (Ascom)