Aya Ito

Partner, Sustainability Promotion Dept., Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.
Outside director, Itoham Yonekyu Holdings Inc.
General Manager, VMS Promotion Department, Sophiamedi Corp.
Ms. Ito joined Recruit in 2000 after working for a publishing company and spending some time as a housewife. She was appointed to the Zexy Division and in 2006 became editor-in-chief of Zexy Tokyo Metropolitan Area. She returned to work after giving birth and served as editor-in-chief of the same magazine again from 2010. She was appointed General Chief Editor in 2011. As part of her efforts to manage her own work-life balance, which includes the rearing of twins, her aim has been to be an editor who goes home at 5 o’clock. As of April 2015, She was in charge of diversity within the Recruit Group. She was appointed executive manager of the Sustainability section in 2017 and has served in her current position since 2018.