Toshie Hiraide

CEO, Co-op SACHI Ltd.
Toshie Hiraide, born in Tokyo in 1962, joined Japan Airlines (JAL) in 1983 as an international cabin attendant. With a deep passion for wine, she became certified as a sommelier by the Japan Sommelier Association in 1992 and as a Senior Sommelier in 1997. While still working for JAL in 2006, Ms. Hiraide became involved in the “Sake Samurai” activities of Japan Sake Brewers Association’s Junior Council, a national association of young sake brewers, and helped create a sake category for one of the world’s largest wine competitions, the International Wine Challenge (IWC). Ms. Hiraide left JAL in 2010 and in 2011 became the CEO of Co-op SACHI Ltd., which aims to internationalize sake and promote Japan as a tourist destination.