Masato Arisawa

Managing Executive Officer
Chief Human Resource Officer (CHO)
Kagome Co., Ltd.
Mr. Arisawa joined Kyowa Bank (now Resona Bank) in 1984. He was dispatched by the bank to complete an MBA in the United States, after which he worked mainly in human resources and corporate planning. In 2004, Mr. Arisawa joined HOYA Corporation, where he was in charge of global human resources for the HOYA Group and also served as Executive Director of the Nominating Committee and Compensation Committee. In his position as Human Resources Director, he was behind the implementation of a universal company-wide job classification system and personnel assessment system. In 2009, he joined AIU Insurance as the Director in charge of Human Resources. Since 2012, Mr. Arisawa has served as Executive Officer of Human Resources for Kagome worldwide. Responsible for globalization of human resources within Kagome, he has built a universal company-wide human resources system.