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About The Conference

The International Conference for Women in Business has been held every summer since 1996. The objective of this Conference is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as business professionals today and to provide an opportunity for active exchange, stimulation from international perspectives, and mutual support among peers who share a strong determination to succeed.

The Conference begins at 10 am and ends at 8 pm. The average rate of satisfaction among participants from the 1st Conference through the 18th Conference has consistently exceeded 99%, proving that this is a unique and high-caliber business conference for working women in Japan. The reason for such a high level of satisfaction is the strong motivation of the participants. Positive-minded people from all over Japan come to the Conference of their own volition, which fosters a comfortable atmosphere for everyone. Approximately 70% of the participants come alone. Yet by the time the Conference ends, most participants leave with new friends and new connections.

Once the doors open at 9 am, 800-1000 participants are free to enter and take seats at the round tables in the main venue. They use this time to exchange business cards with and get to know the other participants at their table. The Conference begins at 10 am with about four hours packed with exciting presentations under the annual theme (see program). (Simultaneous interpretation is provided for all speeches.) Participants enjoy the talents of the hotel chef at their seats with a delicious full-course luncheon.

In the afternoon, participants select three from the list of 70-minute Interactive Discussions. All are productive discussions and Q&A sessions between participants and a team of outstanding instructors.

The Conference comes to a close in the evening with a networking party featuring a delicious buffet-style dinner especially prepared by the hotel chefs. Participants eat, drink, and socialize with the instructors and other participants from the worlds of academia, government, and a variety of business fields. It is the ideal way to expand your personal network and a fulfilling end to an exciting and productive day. In the Lobby, the Conference's corporate sponsors welcome you to their booths. Also, books written by some of the speakers are available for purchase.

If you are looking to discover new role models, make like-minded friends, share your experiences, and acquire skills and information needed to enrich your life and career, join us.


This year as well, we will be continuing the Matching Sponsor program. A Matching Sponsor covers the registration fee for a person from the areas afflicted by the Great East Japan Earthquake or a female university or high school student who lacks the financial means to attend the Conference. Individuals or corporations may become sponsors. (Click here for details). If you are from an area afflicted by the earthquake, or are a female high school or university student in Japan, and wish to apply for sponsorship, click here for more information.

Whether you plan to attend the Conference or not, please visit us on Facebook.

We look forward to seeing you on July 26. Together we can learn, mutually enrich, and move forward.

As a Sponsored Participant

■ Terms and Conditions for Participation

We especially encourage those who are active in the business world, entrepreneurs, individuals who want to start a business or run their own business, and freelancers to participate. Although it is called the "Conference for Women" men are more than welcome to join, as are high school and college students, women on maternity leave, people on child-care leave, and those who are between jobs.

  • ※ We ask that people with the sole purpose of advertising or soliciting business or products refrain from attending. Click here for more information.
  • ※ Please note that scheduled speakers are subject to change without notice.
  • ※ Simultaneous Japanese-English interpretation will be provided for the speeches in the morning, but not for the afternoon interactive discussions and party.