Maiko Todoroki

President and CEO
Poppins Corporation


From the age of 12, Maiko Todoroki studied at a private boarding school in the UK and enrolled at King's College, University of London. And completed MBA at INSEAD Graduate School in 2006. After working in foreign finance, luxury goods, and living abroad for 25 years, she came back to Japan in 2012 and joined the family company Poppins Corporation.
She is the President and CEO of Poppins Corporation. The company was founded 35 years ago by her mother, Noriko Nakamura, and their mission has always been to support working women by providing quality childcare and elderly care service. Poppins currently operates over 329 nursery schools across Japan and also provides in-home nanny and babysitter, elderly care service, and infertility prevention initiatives.
Poppins’s IPO to the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange (now TSE Prime Market) in Dec 2020 was presented as the first SDGs-IPO in Japan.
She is a director of the All Japan Childcare Services Association. From 2021, serves as both a coordinator at the Japan Association of Corporate Executives and Vice-Chair of its Regulatory and Competition Policy Committee and a director of the Education Beyond.
She is a mother of a 12 years-old boy and a 9 years-old girl.

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