Masako Wakamiya

Director, the NPO Broadband School Association
Masako Wakamiya was born in Tokyo in 1935. She graduated from the University of Tsukuba’s high school in March 1954 and joined Mitsubishi Bank in April. She retired from Mitsubishi Bank in 1997.

Just before she retired, she purchased a computer and joined "Mellow Club", an online club for the elderly. While caring for her mother, she also spent time learning online and enjoyed using the internet. This experience inspired her to tell others how wonderful it is for elderly people to be IT literate.

After releasing the iPhone App "hinadan" in February 2017, Ms. Wakamiya became an instant celebrity. She was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the annual session of the UN Commission for Social Development in February 2018.

Ms. Wakamiya is Director of the NPO Broadband School Association, Vice Chairman of Mellow Club, a member of the Council for Designing 100-Year Life Society, and the founder of Excel-art. She has written "After 60, life will be more and more exciting" as well as five other books.