Yuri Tazawa

President, Telework Management Inc.
President, Y’s Staff Corporation
Yuri Tazawa was born in Nara Prefecture and now lives in Hokkaido. Upon graduation from Sophia University, she joined Sharp Corporation. After leaving Sharp to have a child and due to her husband’s transfer, she established Y’s Staff Corporation, in 1988, to achieve the idea of working regularly at home. In 2008, she established Telework Management Inc., a consulting firm that supports companies introducing telework and promotes telework to government organizations, municipalities, and other entities.

Ms. Tazawa serves as a policy commentator for the Cabinet Office and as Public Local Information and Communication advisor.

She has won several awards for her work. Most recently, she received the Internal Affairs and Communications Minister’s Award for Individual and Other Contributors to Promotion of Informatization in 2015, the Health, Labour and Welfare Minister’s Individual Award for Telework Promoting Companies (Outstanding Telework Award) in 2016 and the “ewoman of the Year 2017”, awarded by ewoman for her work as a chair for ewoman online roundtable discussions.