Wakana Nukui

Blooming Life International Co., Ltd. CEO
NPO DREAM GIRLS Project Director
Wakana Nukui graduated in the field of global studies from Boston University before joining a securities firm. She went on to establish a website design and marketing company, where, for 12 years, she supervised and produced the work of website designers and directors. Ms. Nukui established Blooming Life International Co., Ltd. in 2009 with the objective of “giving shape to the dreams of women in Asia”. This is a business that supports women in developing nations to make their dreams come true while also achieving financial independence.

In 2010, Ms. Nukui launched DREAM GIRLS Project, which utilizes design to empower women. In 2014, she opened “AMAZING CAMBODIA” (formerly WakaNa), a store selling high-quality Cambodian made gifts and souvenirs from across Cambodia. The shop aims to grow hand-in-hand with local craftsmen and drives sales by using labels designed by Cambodian women. The brand’s second store opened in 2018. The company has also established a scholarship for women and aims to grow designers and entrepreneurs who will become representative of Asia.