Sakine Nishibayashi

Third-year student of Shinagawa Joshi Gakuin High School
High School Student Programmer

Sakine Nishibayashi began studying programming after participating in a summer IT camp when she was a second-year junior high school student. She has enjoyed computers and making things since she was a child. She continues to study daily, fascinated by the fun of spawning new things through programming.

Ms. Nishibayashi participated in the national championships of the Teens Apps Awards, an app development contest for junior high and high school students, in October 2016. For the same contest the following year in October, she created a health & fitness app with emphasis on visualization. Based on her personal experience with a chronic disease, this app was chosen from among over 2000 entries to participate in the national championships. She currently distributes three apps in the App Store.

In addition to developing apps, Ms. Nishibayashi is an active student who enjoys school activities, such as participating in clubs and volunteering for the annual school festival committee.