Aya Ito

Partner, Sustainability Promotion Dept.
Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.
Executive Partner, SDGs・ESG Promotion Section
Incubation Dept., Gakken Innovation Co., Ltd.
Ms. Ito joined Recruit in 2000 after working for a publishing company and spending some time as a housewife. She was appointed to the Zexy Division and in 2006 became editor-in-chief of Zexy Tokyo Metropolitan Area. She returned to work after giving birth and served as editor-in-chief of the same magazine again from 2010. She was appointed General Chief Editor in 2011. As part of her efforts to manage her own work-life balance, which includes the rearing of twins, her aim has been to be an editor who goes home at 5 o’clock. As of April 2015, She was in charge of diversity within the Recruit Group. She was appointed Executive Manager of sustainability section,in 2017. Since2018,she is in the present post.