Kaoru Fujii

Chief Editor, Public Relations Division, Administration Control Office, Recruit Career Co.,Ltd
Evangelist, Recruit Business Competence Institute, Recruit Co.,Ltd
Kaoru Fujii has worked in human resource services since joining Recruit in 1988. He has served as chief editor for “TECH b-ing”, “Tech Soken” and “Entre”. He worked for the Recruit Business Competence Institute from 2008 and Recruit Works Institute from 2014. As a “working evangelist”, Mr. Fujii currently writes for a variety of newspapers and magazines and lectures on the changing labor market, the changing relationship between the individual and the company, the changing careers of individuals, and various other themes (hiring strategies during the golden years of AI, HRM for multicentric times, life as a parallel entrepreneur, etc.) Recent works include “Hataraku Yorokobi Mirai no Katachi (The Joy of Working in the Future)” from Genshisha.