About The Conference

Q How can I participate in the Conference?
A This year we will hold the Conference online via Zoom, so you can participate from your computer or smartphone at home or wherever you are. Participation is simple—all you need to do is download Zoom. The speeches and talk shows will be streamed live from different countries around the globe. There are also plans to enable participants to network with one another and get together for discussions around specific themes. We will be sending out clear instructions beforehand by email, so rest assured that participation will be easy.
Q Do I need to prepare anything in advance to join?
A We will send all the participants who have paid the registration fee the access information by the day of the Conference. Please check your internet connection in advance to ensure smooth delivery of the video connection. Other than that, there are no specific system requirements. If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, we recommend you to download it and test it in advance on your computer or device.
Q What is Zoom?
A Zoom is an online videoconferencing software developed by Zoom Video Communications. We are using this system this year.
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Q Is there any way to join other than Zoom?
A Zoom is the only way to access the Conference this year. Please kindly understand.
Q What is the Matching Sponsor program?
A The Matching Sponsor program is a program to provide opportunities for high school and university students to join. It was originally created to provide financial support to victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake in so they could experience the Conference, get inspired, learn, and meet new people at such a difficult time in their lives. We later opened the program to all high school and university students. A Sponsor is matched to a student. They meet online and the Sponsor serves as a mentor. We set aside time one week before and one/two weeks after the Conference to allow Sponsors and students to meet. Sponsors can choose to support more than one student at a time. Please consider becoming a Sponsor or applying to receive a Sponsorship.


Q When is the registration deadline? I want to participate, but I won’t know if I can until right before the Conference.
A The Conference is online, so you can register any time before 9:00AM (JST)
Q Can I pay for another person together with myself?
A If you would like to make a single payment for two or more people, click the Group Registration button to register so that you can pay as a group. If you register individually you cannot pay as a group.
Q Can I have an invoice?
A If you register from Group Registration, it is possible. Please apply from the form below or send an email to conference@ewoman.co.jp. A pdf file will be sent.
Q Can I have a receipt?
A Please apply from the form below or send an email to conference@ewoman.co.jp . Upon the receipt of the fee, a pdf file will be sent.
Q I paid the registration fee, but have to cancel. Can I get a refund?
A Unfortunately, we cannot give refunds. If you are unable to participate, you can allow someone else to participate in your place. If you wish to do so, contact us and provide the person’s name, email, mobile phone number, and photograph of his or her face.

Roundtable Discussions

Q Can I change the Roundtable Discussions after registration?
A Yes. We plan to announce the finalized Roundtable Discussions in the beginning of September. You can choose one on the Conference day. The number of participants for some discussions is limited, so participation is on first-click, first-serve basis.

Seats, late arrival, early leave

Q Can I join or leave in the middle of the Conference?
A Since it is online, you are free to join or leave whenever you want. In the past 24 years the satisfaction of those who participated for the full day has been 98%, so we encourage everyone to dedicate the entire day to the Conference.


Q Will there be interpreters?
A Yes, Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation will be available. However, as they will be divided into English-only sessions and Japanese-only sessions, no interpreters will be provided for the Roundtable Discussions and Networking Sessions. As these sessions are interactive and include a Q&A session in which all participants can participate, please confirm the language when making your selection.


Q Will there be time to network with other participants?
A Yes! There will be opportunities to network online during the Conference. You will have a chance to meet other participants.
Q Can I promote my business when talking to other participants?
A The International Conference for Women in Business is a place to learn together improve ourselves, and get inspired, so meeting other people is essential to the experience. We encourage everyone to take full advantage of these encounters, but it only works when everyone takes this approach. Unsolicited sales, phone calls, and sending promotional materials is strictly prohibited. If another participant tries to sell you a product or service you do not want, tries to coerce you into doing business with them, or is otherwise suspicious, refuse them clearly. Since anyone can freely participate in the Conference, we cannot guarantee that every participant will do so in good faith. We cannot be responsible for any trouble between participants, so please use your best judgment.
Q Can my company become a partner for the Conference?
A Yes, companies can be our corporate partners. Please contact us by email to learn about the options: conference@ewoman.co.jp