Participants' Profile of 21st International Conference for Women in Business.

Satisfaction level of participants of the 21st International Conference for Women in Business

Satisfied 99%


Average Age 41years old 


Female88% Male11%


Office worker 71%  Company proprietor 9%

How many employees does your company have?

More than 5000 people, 38%

Are you in a managerial position?

Yes, 53%  No, 47%.

How many employees are you responsible for?

Less than 38%

Annual Income

Average Annual Income:¥ 798 million

Career Plan

I want to advance my career within my current company/organization.70%


Hokkaido・Tohoku Area 2.2%, Kanto Area 75.3%, Chubu Area 5.6%,Kansai Area 10.0%,
Chugoku・Shikoku Area 3.2%, Kyushu・Okinawa Area 3.6%
People are participating from all over the Japan and overseas.


Japan/Egypt/China/United States/Korea/England/France/ Australia/Taiwan/Cambodia/Denmark/Philippine/Malaysia